JIM CUTHBERT   MA(Cambridge)
11 1 1946Born Crowborough, East Sussex, UK
1967Graduated Queens' College, Cambridge University in Classics
(Latin, Greek, Ancient History & Philosophy) and Linguistics
1968Graduated Leeds University Postgraduate Course in the Teaching of English as a Second Language
1968-9Taught English to foreign students at the School of English Studies, Folkestone
1969-72Taught English at the International Language Centre, Kobe, Japan
1973-8Principal of Shepard Language Institute, Kobe, Japan, where I taught English & Spanish to Japanese students
During my 8.5 years in Japan, I studied Japanese at the Kobe YMCA
1978-81Freelance interpreter/tour escort in UK
1981-nowTV location coordinator working for Japanese TV mainly in UK & Ireland, but also other countries as specified;
also interpreter; can also organize & escort Japanese group/individual tours

 TV Location Coordinator
 Intercultural Exchange Coordinator
 Interpreting Services

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